"Ricky and I received the DVD and table names. Thank you. We think the DVD came out awesome and are very happy with it. We're glad that we decided to hire you for the wedding.
-Marcie and Ricky - Tannenbaum

"The video is great we love it. I dont think there is any more editing that we can think of that we would like changed. "
-Monica and Steve
Center Court Grill, Lakeside




247 testimonial 24/7 Moms Conference - Washington

kelly and todd testimonial

Kelly and Doug - Lake Tahoe - Best Western

Amy and Todd Testimonial 2

Amy and Todd Noteamy and todd testimonial

Amy and Todd - Lake Tahoe-Garwoods


Walter and Lindsay Testimonial 1

Walter and Lindsay Testimonial 2
Walter and Lindsay - Reno - Peppermill


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Adrianne and Kito - Reno - Boomtown